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Adults are looking for a better way to teach their kids to type. Here is one Dad who finds the answer.

Keys to Success: Five Resource Sheets for Understanding the Keyboard Town PALS Philosophy (.pdf) Keyboard Town PALS, LEARN TO TYPE Software The Keyboard Town PALS’  LEARN TO TYPE inter-active, stand-alone software, is a revolutionary approach to teaching young students proper keyboarding technique without the anxiety associated with learning to type.  In stead, students learn by association and are enthralled by adorable puppets who sing songs and tell stories in a relaxed learning environment. The LEARN TO TYPE one hour video never subjects young kids to endless drills, boring exercises or nerve-wracking timed-speed tests and allows them to proceed at their own pace.  Children with all types of learning aptitudes will be successful and their self-confidence soars as they  quickly master  keyboarding and are able to focus on expressing their ideas rather than wasting time searching for the correct keys to strike.  The program is available in Spanish and French.  Don’t use yesterday’s methods to prepare today’s child for tomorrow’s world.   Pick Up Speed and Accuracy with the NEW LET’S LEAD Program  Now that your students know the location of the 30 letters and symbols on the keyboard as taught in the Keyboard Town PALS, LEARN TO TYPE software, it is time for them to apply their newly acquired keyboarding skills and type their thoughts and ideas in their Student Journals in the LET’S LEAD values-based program.  Now watch as the charming puppets from Keyboard Town face new challenges that test their strength of character and their leadership capabilities in 9 jam-packed chapters.  This parent/teacher-directed program, with its original stories, poems, activities and crafts,  encourages face-to-face social inter-action.  With the LEARN TO TYPE program your students  gain academic and marketable life-long keyboarding skills; but with the LET’S LEAD program, children develop speed and accuracy and life-long values plus lasting leadership skills.

The “PALS” Philosophy

Keys to Success:
Five Resource Sheets for Understanding the Keyboard Town PALS Philosophy (.pdf)

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