Giggle and Type

Choose the product that is best for your child so that he/she will focus on expressing  their ideas rather than wasting time searching for the correct keys to strike. Remember, hunting and pecking is a stumbling block!  You will watch confidence grow and  frustrations disappear as  children will giggle and type while they master this life-long skill.

Keyboard Town PALS, LEARN TO TYPE is a stand-alone program that may be delivered in a CD-ROM or WEB BASED format. A SERVER BASED version is available for schools. Take a look at our bundles, too. We know that one of them will be best for you.

After completing the Learn To Type software, give your child the typing practice that will then lead to speed and accuracy.   No drills or endless exercises.  There are plenty of  giggles in  Silly Stories, Looney Letters and Jokes and Riddles in our newest product:Typing Stars Series #1, 2 and 3.

Want even more ways to apply those newly learned typing skills? Then you want to choose the LET’S LEAD values-based program and its Student Journal delivered in an USB wristband.   Kids will not even realize that this teacher/parent-driven, 9-chapter program, improves speed and accuracy since they will be enthralled  as the puppets from Keyboard Town face new challenges that test their strength of character and their leadership capabilities.